How to Lose Weight in Ramadan 2021?


How to Lose Weight in Ramadan 2021?

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Ramadan is a very special, peaceful, and religious event for Muslims. Muslims believe in strengthening their faith in Islam in Holy Month. This is the month of patience, sacrifice, self-control, and discipline, and discipline is also helpful if you wish to lose weight.

How discipline can aid in weight loss?

What is the association between weight loss and discipline? The meaning of discipline is routine, self-control, and patience. It is easy to follow all these things in Ramadan because we are already practicing these. When to eat? What to eat? And what not to eat? How much quantity to have? Everything is discipline. God gave us the Holy month to improve and choose the right ways for ourselves and our health as well.

Why Weight Loss is Easy in Ramadan?

You want to lose weight in a fast way it is easy in Ramadan instead of other months. You might lose weight up to 6 pounds, by maintaining discipline in your eating habit. Muslims during the month of Ramadan eats and drinks before sunrise and then again eats and drinks in the evening after sunset, while when you want to reduce weight immediately on normal days you follow the famous Intermittent fasting method which similar to Ramadan fasting, that helps you lose weight fast. However, in Ramadan, you have already been practicing this way of eating that helps you to achieve the target.

You have to Take Simple Steps:

 Must have breakfast (before pre-dawn (Sehri)
 Take balance and simple diet
 Drink plenty of water
  Limited intake of sugar in your drinks in iftar
 Do some workout

  What diet routine to follow in Ramadan if you want a quick result?


Non-Healthy Food (Calories Dense)

Healthy Food for the morning (Sehri)

Healthy Food for the Evening (Iftar)

white Pratha/Bread,   process food,
deep fried food (i.e. pakory, sammosy, roll)  heavy oily (Biryani, Qorma, Nahari, Paya etc,)

Junk Food

Whole wheat or Multigrain Flour or oat Roti or Bread with one teaspoon of pure (desi) ghee,
2.   Greek flavored yogurt,
3.   Dates
4.   Boiled Eggs
5.   Oat cereal or porridge


Whole wheat or Multigrain plain chapati with one tsp. pure (desi) ghee
 bowl of seasonal Fruits,
white or black gram (chana),
 Greek yogurt,

 grilled chicken,


 Soft Drink
Drink with a lot of sugar i.e processed flavored drink


 Skim Milk
 Tea, green tea, herbal tea

Light salted Lassi

Detox water (Lemon, Fresh Mint Leaves, Cucumber, Ginger for sweetener honey is best and healthy.
Light low salted lassi
honey, a pinch of salt with water.
Skim Milk
Uses of enough plenty water

Does a healthy diet give an effective result in Ramadan?

I have experienced on my own, I eat yogurt in the morning (Sehri) regularly in Ramadan, I don’t feel thirsty the whole day till evening (iftar). It helps me get to stay hydrated also replenish my thirst feeling. Moreover, it is a good source of protein that helps to reduce weight. Detox water also helps to release toxins from your body helping to lose belly fat, balanced diet does not only lead to weight loss but gives you healthy life. Reduction of cholesterol means low risk of heart disease; low calories & low sugar diet is beneficial for diabetics. All alternative food mentioned above in the table is rich in nutrition.

Best time of exercise in Ramadan

Some people ask that is exercising good while fast? or what time is best for working out? In my opinion, two times are suitable for workout one is predawn meal (before sehri), the second time, you can do it in the evening (before iftar) if you don’t feel lazy and also have energy till evening. Intense work out executing for 30 or 40 minutes is enough, cardiovascular exercises are not recommended on daily basis it should be performed once or twice a week, Yoga is the best practice on daily basis it will relax your body and mind indeed. Meditation is also recommended in fasting. You will achieve the best results of work out plus alternative healthy choices of diet in Ramadan to achieve the goal. 


Some People Complain of Weariness during fast

If you eat healthy in Ramadan you feel active in the entire Holy Month and this strategy can be carried out after Ramadan also because it’s a continuous goal. Some people have a complaint that they feel tired in Ramadan due to fasting. To overcome fasting tiredness or weariness, healthy eating is required to digest food easily, and stay active for a whole day this practice would again lead to weight loss. However, unhealthy and fried food makes toxins in your body making you weary. Moreover, another suggestion is to relax, practice yoga steps of breathing and meditation, etc. yoga steps are good to overcome tiredness during fasting.  

Good luck, take care of your health & Ramadan Mubarak...

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