How Does Fasting in Ramadan help to Reduce Weight? Is intermittent fasting a similar logic to Ramadan?

How Does Fasting in Ramadan Help to Reduce Weight? Is intermittent fasting a similar logic to Ramadan?

The holy month of Ramadan is a blessing for Muslims. Islam teaches us patience, sacrifices, self-control, discipline, and humanity. In this month, Muslims refresh their souls through fasting and worship for Allah. Muslims believe in strengthening their faith and purity in this Holy Month. Hence, fasting not only provides us with soul purity but gives us health benefits as well.

Why is weight loss Easy during Ramadan?

If you want to lose weight in a fast way it is easy during Ramadan instead of other months. You might lose up to 4 to 6 pounds, by maintaining discipline in your eating habit. Muslims during the month of Ramadan eat and drink before sunrise and then again eats and drink in the evening after sunset.

Is intermittent fasting a similar logic to Ramadan?

If you are concerned about your fitness, so you must know the different ways to lose weight. One of them is intermittent fasting. Is this way similar to Ramadan? For instance, when you want to reduce weight immediately on regular days, means instead of Ramadan, you follow the famous Intermittent fasting method, which is a similar routine to Ramadan fasting. Which helps you lose weight in fast way. However, in Ramadan, you have already been practicing the same way of eating that allows you to achieve the target. Intermittent Fast is a similar logic to Ramadan

How intermittent fasting method effective during Ramadan?

Usually, the intermittent fasting plan is 16/8, which means you will take any food for 8 hours, and remaining 16 hours, you have to fast. However, Ramadan time differs according to your living country. So, it might be 14/10, 15/9, and 16/8. It all depends on your regular eating & fasting time, but it works if you will take a balanced and healthy diet in your Sehar and Iftar.


How does it works & benefits?

A book by Mark P. Mattson, whose pioneering research uncovered the ways that the brain responds to fasting and exercise—explains how thriving while fasting became an evolutionary adaptation. He describes the specific ways that intermittent fasting slows aging; reduces the risk of diseases, including obesity, Alzheimer's, and diabetes; and improves both brain and body performance."

It works when you are fasting for hours the body exhausts its sugar and stores, and other side fats start burning. Intermittent fasting works when your body consumed all calories during the last food and then begins burning fat.

Ramadan routine is the name of a discipline that aids in weight loss

What is the association between weight loss and discipline? The meaning of discipline is routine, self-control, and patience. It is easy to follow all these things during Ramadan because we have been already practicing this routine. When to eat? What to eat? And what not to eat? How much quantity to have? Everything is discipline. God gave us the Holy month to improve and choose the right ways for ourselves and our health as well.

What is the Plan?

ü  You have to Take a balanced and simple diet

ü  You will have to Drink plenty of water

ü  Minimum intake of sugar in your drinks in iftar & sehar

ü  Daily routine of basic workout for a few minutes

        What diet routine to follow in Ramadan if you want a quick result?



Healthy Food for the Morning (Sehri) 

Healthy Food for the Evening (Iftar)


Whole wheat or Multigrain Flour or oat Roti or Brown Bread with one teaspoon of pure (desi) ghee, or butter

Greek flavored yogurt


Boiled Eggs

Oat cereal or porridge

Fruit mix Vegetable Salad


white or black gram (chana), one small bowl

Greek yogurt, one small bowl

grilled chicken


Whole wheat or Multigrain plain chapati with one tsp. pure (desi) ghee or butter

Brown Rice


Light low salted/sweet lassi

Honey, a pinch of salt with water

Skim Milk

Uses of maximum plenty water


green tea, herbal tea

Detox water (Lemon, Fresh Mint Leaves, Cucumber, Ginger for sweetener honey is best and healthy.

Light low salted/sweet lassi

Honey, a pinch of salt with water

Skim Milk


Uses of maximum plenty water

 Does a healthy & Simple diet effectively work during Ramadan?

Yes, this is a fact, if you will have a simple diet regularly during Ramadan. It will help you to stay hydrated and replenish your thirst. You will not feel lazy till the next meal. Moreover, You may have detox water which helps to release toxins from the body & helping to lose belly fat, balanced diet does not only lead to weight loss but gives you a healthy life. Reducing cholesterol means a low risk of heart disease; a low-calorie & low-sugar diet benefits diabetics and will resolve other health issues. All alternative food mentioned above in the table is rich in nutrition and healthy.

What time is best for Exercise?

The basic exercise is highly recommended during fasting, & two times are suitable for workouts one is before the predawn meal (before sehar), and the second time in the evening (before iftar), if you don’t feel lazy.

During intermittent fasts, you don’t need intense workouts, which means basic workouts for a few minutes, or yoga is the best in Ramadan for body and mental fitness. Yoga is the best practice on daily basis it will relax your body and mind indeed.

Good luck, with for health. Ramadan Mubarak. 


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