Will we not even be able to breathe?

    In August 2018 my family planned to go to the northern areas of Pakistan to spend some pleasant time with each other. It was a very exciting & joyful journey for us. We went to Naran Kaghan located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is 240 Km away from Islamabad. From the way to Mansehra we had to travel 119 kilometers to reach there. Narran Town and other surrounding valleys are very beautiful, I can say that these places are a piece of Jannah. Lush green valleys, Snow-capped mountains, trees, waterfalls, and the other side, natives made arrangements to ensure attraction for tourists especially for children by making snow cartoon characters, etc. everywhere on your way.


This fresh-up journey was as we needed some fresh & pure breath to live, especially when you are living in a city where you are breathing in contaminated air consisting of a lot of pollution, dust, and insufficient oxygen environment.


Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to tell you about the city where I am living because I am so excited to share my journey in beautiful places of Northern areas in Pakistan. So, I am living in Karachi a big city in Pakistan as well as the 12th largest city Worldwide.

So, let’s go to the topic wherein I want to need the attention of my readers. As I said earlier, it was a very pleasant journey, there are many places to visit Saif ul Maluk Lake, Shogran, Babusar Pass, Siri Paye, Kunhar River, Lulusar, etc.

Babusur Top is located at 150 km long Kaghan valley. Its elevation is 13,691 feet the highest place in Khagan. We explored this area as the snowcapped mountain, snow drift, and grassland but without trees. 

After reaching on top, some of my family members enjoyed it a lot but some people could not. Why? because of insufficient oxygen levels, they could not take breath properly. Some people suffered from severe headaches, some people vomited, and some people could not even walk. I also suffered a severe headache and could not breathe, and my daughter vomited continuously. This was a bad experience on our journey.

After a week, while reaching the home town, the Babusar trip experience triggered me to think about my city. Karachi’s climate is moderate and the environment is very polluted. Although I am not only talking about a city I am talking about saving the country from pollution. How? let me tell you.

Do you know how Pakistan ranks globally in air quality?... The answer is Number 5th ..

Yes, we are number 5th in most polluted countries and in number 9th in pollutant cities of Pakistan according to AQI ranked in 2022. In a few months, Karachi has come in with PM2.5 reading of dangerous pollution level which is unhealthy for human health.

According to Air Quality Index (AQI) the most polluted city ranking.






Faisalabad, Punjab



Lahore, Punjab



Muridke, Punjab



Bahawalpur, Punjab



Rawalpindi, Punjab






Mirpurkhas, Sindh



Peshawar, Kyber Paktunkhwa



Karachi, Sindh



Abbottabad,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


The situation is going toward where we will not even be able to breathe? think about it…..

Now, I will connect my word with my trip and why I linked it to this topic. As I said that at Babusar Top some people could not being able to breathe because the oxygen level was less than normal environment. Its altitude of 4,173 m is the highest place in the valley but another reason that this point consists of snow-capped mountains, there are no trees, so the oxygen level was very low.

Now, for instance, I am talking about Karachi, Karachi is the second most pollutant city in Pakistan. I have seen several times when any project or construction has been started in the city first of all trees have been removed from the place. We are not saving trees.

    We are facing the same crucial situation in our country where trees are damaged. Gradually, we are losing our lives living in an unhealthy environment with insufficient oxygen and then some people will survive and some people will not. 


What is the Solution??

Save Plants, Save Trees, Plant Trees


    Plant trees at least outside of your house, grow plants on your balconies, where you can be a part of saving your country and your city from pollution, please understand the responsibility.

I have purchased some plants to keep on my balcony.. have you done it?

If not, do it right now!

Good luck & keep breathing....


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