Pizza History


Friends, I am sure you all love to eat pizza. But do you know how pizza came into existence?

Today we will tell you a brief history of this.

So, you know that pizza is an Italian food and has a long ancient history even before that when the Egyptians and Romans enjoyed eating pizza-shaped bread with toppings.

In the 1700s and 1800s century, Naples was habitual to eating cheap and fast food due to poverty. Neapolitans loved eating pizza-shaped bread with toppings on flatbread. Until 1940, pizza remained within the borders of Naples. Finally, this pizza arrived in America in the 20th century with Italian immigrants after World War II. This was a unique food style that got a lot of popularity in America. Pizzas topped with different flavors became popular in tourist places.

In America, Lombardi's first sold Neapolitan-style pizza from Spring Street Manhattan in 1905. After that, it was popular in different cities like Buffalo, Chicago, California, and New York with a combination of sauces and toppings according to the regional flavor. Today, pizza is a favorite food for each age group and is available everywhere in the World with different flavors in its modern shape.


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